I started my business life in 2010 as an industrial designer at Antel Filternox. Antel is a company producing purification filters with stainless automatic backwash.

Here I made shopfitting drawings such as plumbing, piping and so on in different product designs and customer architectural projects.

Considering that I had enough experience in 2012, I started working as a design manager at Heliot International company. I assumed the technical responsibility of the 3-person design office. Heliot is a company that manufactures textile finishing machines. In this company, we have designed the "Socksteam Midi and Balloon Squeezing" machines from scratch with my team. In addition, I have worked in different countries in Serbia, Ukraine and Belarus in Heliot company and I have gained foreign work experience.

In 2018, I had to leave Heliot International at my own request due to some disagreements within the company.I started to work as a Production Manager at Miltaş Punch Press Tools in March 018. Miltaş, which we manufacture cutting tools for punch looms, also produces diaper production lines and diaper packing machines. I also worked in Miltaş company for machine commissioning in Montenegro and Georgia.

I am currently continuing my business life in Miltaş, but I do not want to expand my horizons and work in different projects in different parts of the world. Apart from working on a project basis, I am likely to work in foreign countries, which may be suitable for me.